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Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing our company boat service

Please go through our company policy before finalizing your booking due to every booking has different circumstance happening. 

For example:  Raining, heavy raining, thunderstorm, Typhoon signal 1, big wave and windy, your chosen destination cannot be reach because we cannot predict the weather changing on the day. 

Under Such conditions the booking will not be cancelled, postponed. Booking can only be cancelled, postponed if it is Typhoon 3 or higher or black rainstorm warning being hoisted affecting its safety at sea. I hope you understand that when you have booked the boat we have used the manpower to complete your boat hire and if we allow for postponement of the booking due to some weather change we will have to suffer losses.

I hope the day that you have chosen for your booking will be a sunny and pleasant day we also hope you can enjoy under difference weather condition.

Terms & Conditions


  1. The Charterer shall sign the rental confirmation and rules after paying half of the fee in advance as deposit. The balance must be paid in full in cash seven days before using the boat. Rental is non-refundable for any cancellation due to private reasons. If your cruise is less than 7 days please pay the full balance.

  2. The Charterer agrees to prohibit the use and/or the possession of any illegal drugs on board. The charterer shall be held liable for any loss or damage caused to the boat and/or the Company due to this violation. If such violation is found, the captain has the right to cancel the trip and report to the police. NO REFUND will be made.

  3. The Company would consider the launch as cancelled if the Charterer does not show up after 2 hours. If there were no further instructions from the charterer, the launch would be regarded as cancelled. All agreed payment must be paid by the Charterer. If the Charterer requests to return to the destination before the scheduled time, no compensation for the remaining time is given. Extra-hours will also be charged accordingly if the overtime run is not requested before the launch.

  4. The number of people who board the boat may not exceed the limit. Otherwise, the captain of the boat has the right to refuse starting the boat. The maximum engine running time each time the chartered boat is used is 4 hours. The chartered time is eight hours for a day trip, 4 hours for a night trip before 12:00 midnight.

  5. The Charterer shall make sure all furniture and equipment on board are in best condition. The Charterer will be responsible for any damage caused by any of his passenger. All equipment and facilities on board should be used in accordance with any applicable regulations of Hong Kong or the instructions of the person held responsible for the boat on the date of voyage. The charterer shall be solely responsible and shall compensate the Vessel Owner and/the Company for any damage or injury caused by the violation of such rules.

  6. If there is a change in the weather conditions or for safety reasons, the captain of the boat has the right to choose a safer route to a destination and safer location to dock and disembark. The Charterer must embark and disembark at the designated pier. If special arrangements have to be made, they must be discussed beforehand with the Company.

  7. If there is a machine failure before the boat starts its journey and repair cannot be made on time, the Company will, as soon as possible, notify the charterer to change the date, or provide a boat similar to the type of boat chartered as a substitute or refund the rental fee. If the customer chooses a refund, then in addition to the full refund, the Vessel Owner and/the company will add 5% of the sum already received as compensation.

  8. If there is mechanical breakdown during a trip, the captain of the boat shall try his best to carry the passengers back. If the boat has spent more than half of the time the boat was chartered for or the destination has already been reached, no compensation of time will be given. If there is a compensation of time, the boat can only be used on a day which is not a public holiday, or a proportionate amount of the rental fee will be refunded.

  9. Every kind of insurance stipulated by law has been arranged for all boats in accordance with the Ordinances of Hong Kong. Passengers must take the responsibility themselves for ensuring the safety of any property which they bring along. If there is loss of property on the boat, the Company will not be held responsible, but can arrange for reporting the matter to the police and dealing with it on behalf of the passengers. If any damage, injury or accident occurs on the chartered boat and if the damage is caused by the negligence of the Company, the Vessel Owner or its agents or any of its staff, the Charterer can submit an application for compensation for liability that should be borne in accordance with the insurance provisions only.

  10. If the chartered date is cancelled or changed, the Charterer is still required to go to the dispatch office on the original date to take back the articles and food and drink that the Company has ordered on his behalf because the food has already been prepared or for other reasons. The agreed expenses must still be paid in full.

  11. In the event of Typhoon Signal No.3 or Black Rainstorm Warning is issued 2 hours before a trip; such trip will be automatically cancelled and postponed to an alternative day. If a refund is demanded, this company will refund 50% of the fee.

  12. In the event of Typhoon Signal No.3 or the Black Rainstorm Warning is issued after setting sail, the boat shall return to the nearest public pier within 2 hours for disembarkation of passengers for safety reasons. In such events, no replacement trip will be provided.

  13. No large-size audio equipments, pets or prohibited items are allowed on board. Once discovered, the captain may refuse boarding and sailing and the Charterer shall pay the full rental fee.

  14. For safety reason, no dancing, no barbeque, no diving on the upper deck, no swimming in the evening is allowed. Upon unsuccessful advice, the captain has the right to sail the boat back to the pier and all passengers must disembark. The Charterer shall pay the rental fee in full.

  15. If the Charterer chooses to board at the Stanley Blake Pier, it will depend on the weather conditions. In the case of blowing level 3-4 wests to southwesterly wind, the captain has the right to change the boarding location to the piers nearby and the Charterer must take the advice of the captain.

  16. The Company may arrange speedboat rentals. As water-skiing and banana boating are high risk water activities, users should make their own decision on participation and they shall arrange for their own insurance for such activities. The Charterer acknowledges and understands that neither the Company nor the Vessel Owner shall be responsible for any loss damage or personal injury or death happened during these activities.

  17. Furthest Voyage: East: Pak Lap Wan, South: Lamma Island or Po Toi Island, West: Cheung Sha and Tung Chung, Lantau Island. Anywhere beyond the aforementioned covered areas, additional fuel charge.

  18. Postponement is allowed only in the cases of Black Rainstorm Warning or Typhoon Signal No.3 or above being hoisted on the day of but prior to the trip. The boat shall sail as scheduled under unstable weather conditions such as Typhoon Signal no. 1, Thunderstorm Warning, Amber or Red Rainstorm Warning being issued as well as rainy days. Otherwise all paid rental fee will not be refunded.

  19. The Charterer clearly understands and accepts all the terms and conditions above before signing this confirmation. The Charterer is also obliged to inform the participants the contents of the relevant terms to ensure safety.

Thank you for choosing Standard Boat. In view of changing weather conditions, please read carefully our terms and policy before finalizing your booking.

Any rescheduling under non-specified circumstances may result in partial fee loss or forfeiture. Thank you for your understanding.

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